Friday, December 9, 2011

Checking for a Deceased Person

There are instances that knowing if a certain person is already deceased is difficult to know. Loosing contact with relatives for a time and not having any idea of a person’s state or whereabouts are factors. Some may require the knowledge for legal matters such as insurance grants for beneficiaries and the like, while some for formal records.

Government records are not always updated with current and real time statistics. This is most common in some countries where there is a big population and dawned with poverty - because of this, some relatives may not even afford to get death certificates, which makes the deceased impossible to be registered in the records.

This case can create more possible problems in some field. The problem of unupdated population statistics is that people can take advantage and use it for selfish motives. To cite an example, this is prevalent in some local elections when some ill-persons used data of a deceased person and count their numbers as voters in favor of a certain election candidate. This is cheating and a cause for undeserved official to be appointed for an office.

There are ways to prevent this, if only people will be vigilant in doing so. Government should do a regular statistics check starting with the local government in order for the public records to be kept updated. For those private citizens in need of the deceased records, one can do a search first in theses government records or use online public records or people search. You can just type the name of the person you are trying to search and receive ample of information regarding the person. In this time of modern technology where anything is considered possible, there should be no scarcity of information. On the other hand, these information should be kept sacred as an individual's personal record, especially for those already departed.

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