Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Potential Partner Check

How much you have known a person will not certainly depend on number of times you dated. Mere acquaintances and dating partners only reveal a part of themselves, with their jobs, hobbies, sports and common likes. Most often they will put best foot forward - even if it is far from reality, just to win a person's interest and to end up into a commitment with them.

There are clich├ęs that tells “you will never really know a person unless you lived under the same roof.” That is true. But how will you really know unless you marry the person? In this modern age, teens tend to explore more than they suppose to. Dating couples tend to be aggressive on committing. Relationships of girlfriends or boyfriends can be likened to changing of clothes. When you feel comfortable, you wear it, but you throw it away when you don’t want it anymore. The worse thing is that there are instances that these ‘relationships’ leads to abuse, and worst, crimes.

When you are a teen, listening to parents, mentors and older people’s advice pays off. They certainly know things first before you know it, having gone through it and having genuine concern for you. Meanwhile, for those who are already in a considerable age, being cautious is not a debatable matter as well. You must be cautious in choosing your mate unless you wanna end with a lot of regrets.

You can know for yourself if a person has a tendency to get lost in the relationship in long run. Their consistency of character oftentimes points you to it. You can also see how they are with their friends and family and at work. From them you can have a clue if the person can be for keeps or should be on your probation list status, or just totally omit them. If you are a bit meticulous, you can try for yourself to do a background check and online people search to know more and decide better for yourself.  Love should be unconditional but you should learn to love and protect yourself in the process of loving and above anyone.

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