Monday, October 24, 2011

Travel Agents Background Check

If you are a tourist and considering availing for flight reservation or tour package through a travel agent, make sure you connect to reliable and authentic agencies. Almost every field of commerce has been brooded with a lot of scams and there is nothing wrong if you would be extra careful to verify and check for their authenticity prior to making any transaction.

Local tourists or foreigners could not escape these kinds of schemes. It is difficult on your part because you live outside your place of destination. It is better if you would buy tickets directly on the airline office but if you find the tickets more expensive than freelance agents, consider doing extra precautionary steps first.

If you have a friend or relative from the place where you plan to visit, it is advisable that you ask them for help to do the checking on the local agency or a branch on the area if there really is an existing one catering for a flight service there. On the other hand, do the research online on search engines. You can verify for the name of the agent, contact details, address or do a background check to make sure that they are really connected to the ticketing agency and if the agency itself is a bona fide one. Once you’ve checked that there is an existing agency, the next step is for you to check for the hotel – in case you availed of the hotel accommodation and some other part of the package.

These things would not be too much to do most especially if you are travelling first time. There would be more problem to deal for you if you happen to find out that there is no hotel reservation on your name after all and you end up all distressed instead of enjoying your trip – so be careful.

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