Friday, October 28, 2011

Search for Tax Liens

There are companies and establishments that booms in selling products in the market and you as a consumer can wonder if these establishments are paying government taxes consistently and honestly – if they reflect accurate declared amount on government records. How are citizens affected by these being ordinary consumers?

As a consumer, a percentage of what we pay as we purchase items or avail of a certain service goes to the government tax. Meaning, the prices of the items that we purchase have automatic additional charges. The taxes that we pay go to the government to be used in different projects that citizens in general should benefit from.

If these establishments and businesses do not pay their taxes right, it just goes to say that they are robbing us of the benefits that we must be acquiring as a citizen and co-tax payers. If you are a responsible citizen that has a concern for the welfare of the majority, you will dare to make an effort that these things do not go overlooked.

What are the possible things that you can do? First, if you are purchasing something from a store or even availing of a service, always ask for a receipt. Receipts are proofs that a certain establishment or business pays taxes. If you do not receive one, it is then that you should start to doubt. Prior to checking directly to the government bureau office that collects business taxes, you can search for public records online.

People search can give records of tax liens of a certain individual. You can just type the name of the person – in such case the business name or business owner and you can automatically view their tax or public records. After checking and you have a bit of doubt, you can report them anonymously to government bodies that is assigned in auditing.

As a citizen, we all have to do our part to serve our fellow citizens and our country in our own small responsible ways.

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