Monday, September 26, 2011

Know Who You’re Helping

Once you’ve had a hunch to help some charity institution and want to give donations, do you first consider about how your donations will be used and who will benefit from them? At first, that’s so pathetic for you to think right? How in the world have you thought of helping and on the other hand having second thoughts? Should it be that if you help, you should do it out of an overflow and generosity?

For those established and long existing institutions – yes, by seeing all their work of charities and being personally involved with their activities is just right. But what if it is something that pops up like mushroom institutions existing from nowhere and soliciting from you? Nowadays, there are a lot of people formulating schemes to plunder and get as much money with all possible means. Some manage to be so organized to be able to submerge suspicions. Sad and some even use religion to solicit money.

You will never run out of all possible situations to encounter. And so before you be on the hook and for your efforts of any kind be gone to waste on some unconscientious people, do some research first. There’s nothing to loose in the first place. You can ask for evidences of their authenticity or some certificate that recognize them as legible institution. You can ask them the summary of their previous works. You can look up their online public records or perform a background check

But while there exists some of those kinds anywhere, remember that there are still those small groups that came out of sincere endeavour to help. For all its worth, helping people doesn’t have to be so complicated to do. You can find people that needs help everywhere. You just have to know from the heart who of them are the most in need.

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