Tuesday, September 6, 2011

InstantPeopleFinder.com Cautions Car Shoppers About Online Auto Scams

InstantPeopleFinder.com advises Car-buyers to beware as Online auto scams are more prevalent than ever.

InstantPeopleFinder.com, a leading provider of online people find and public records services, wants to alert potential car buyers to be careful of online auto scams. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, cyber criminals are conning consumers shopping for cars with fraudulent vehicle sales and phony vehicle protection claims.  In this scam, the fraudsters post cars that they don't own for sale on various online classified sites.  They attract victims to their posting by offering to sell the vehicle well under fair market value, explaining that they must sell quickly for circumstances that range from being relocated for work or military deployment to going through a messy divorce. 

Leveraging the urgency of their situation, these imposters tell prospective buyers that they are unable to meet in person or inspect the car and explain that the car is priced so low to compensate for this inconvenience. To give this scam a false sense of legitimacy, the con artist requests that the transaction be handled by a third party in order to protect both parties. They then request that the buyer wire transfer the full or partial purchase amount to the ‘secure’ third party and fax a receipt of payment to them when the transfer is complete. As soon as the thief receives confirmation of the transfer they vanish, the fictitious vehicle is never delivered, and the victim is out the cost of the transfer.

Another tactic being used by these scammers to deceive and lure consumers into a false sense of security is claiming that the transaction is governed and protected by a purchasing program from a reputable company.  Potential buyers are told that the transaction is perfectly safe and covered by liability insurance.  After the buyer realizes they have been bilked, they turn to the protection of the purchasing program only to discover another layer of the scam. 

InstantPeopleFinder.com offers the following tips to prospective car buyers to avoid becoming a victim of this auto scam:

•    Be suspicious of sellers who are selling vehicles for well under fair market value.  Use common sense, if it sounds too good to be true, chances are there’s a catch.

•    Never do business with a seller that refuses to allow potential buyers to see or inspect the vehicle before purchase.

•    Consumers who are considering purchasing a vehicle posted online should always deal locally.  Be very suspicious of offers to ship a vehicle, no matter how great of a deal it seems to be.

•    Request the VIN number of the vehicle that is up for sale.  Using CARFAX or another vehicle history report service, find out more about the car, verify the ownership and location of the vehicle, as well as ensure the title is in good standing.

•    Be distrustful of sellers who insist on a quick completion of the transaction and request payments are made through wire transfer payment systems.  Once that money is transferred, it is gone.  Wire services do not protect or insure against fraudulent transactions.

•    Gather as much information as possible about the seller like First name & last name, address, phone number. Use InstantPeopleFinder’s people locator service to verify the information. InstantPeopleFinder.com searches in various databases like public records, white pages, phone directories, social sites to provide you with detailed information. If something doesn’t match up, you may perform a background check or walk away.

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