Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Survey Says, Awesome!

Long gone are the days of finding car keys in the freezer and running in circles searching for glasses that are firmly planted on your face. With the new app Remember It for iPhones, you can rest assured that your valuables will always be close at hand.
While the app doesn’t do something totally rad like text you and tell you where your item is, it does alert you if you are leaving it behind. Many people have groaned over leaving behind a credit card at a bar or a coat at the coat check of a restaurant. If you’re lucky enough to get the item back, it still doesn’t save you the hours of back-tracking before you located it. Here is where the magic of Remember It begins.
The app is actually quite simple; after downloading the app and setting a reminder tone, your iPhone will alert you if you should move within a certain distance away from your previous spot. If you know you are leaving your wallet on the coffee table, and you begin to run out the door to meet your date, your phone will set off an alarm and remind you that you’ve left it behind. All you have to do is remember the location that you set your phone’s boundaries at.
With all the moaning that has been going on lately about privacy issues and the potential for stalkers to track people by their photo’s location coding, its refreshing to see an app that uses the iPhone’s GPS capabilities for something quite useful! Perhaps people would be less quick to attack the tracking capabilities of the phone if they remembered how many dozens of times a week they tag themselves at locations on Facebook and the time they had to use MobileMe to track down their stolen iPad.
Remember It is sure to be a useful and effective means of keeping valuables within grasp, and perhaps an efficient tool for silencing all the critics. Keep track of your phone, and who’s calling you with services like Remember It, and reverse phone searches.

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