Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MSN Writer uses Twitter to search for missing Friend

Technology is a tool that society has been able to take great advantage of as of late when it comes to locating people, places, and items that they want. Nowadays most people can use their phone or laptop computer to find the best cup of coffee within a five mile radius and then have GPS use their position to tell them the best route to get there. With such modern advancements, it becomes quite a mystery when someone goes missing.
There’s been lots of news worthy to report overseas lately, and many journalists have been traveling to Egypt and beyond putting both their lives and their stories in direct danger. Anderson Cooper was one of the more recent victims of violence in his attempt to report the news, and it would seem that these hostile work environments may have claimed another victim.
Dorothy Parvaz is a journalist for MSN and recently traveled as far as Syria to report on the state of affairs as they have been developing there. She has also been missing for nearly a week. Dorothy’s co-worker and friend Winda Benedetti posted an article on MSN.com recently in an attempt to draw further attention to the fact that Dorothy has gone missing. This combined with Twitter posts and Facebook notifications, has been the beginning of the equivalent of a technology fueled search party.
Winda’s sincerest hope is that as has proven quite useful in the past, the use of social media outlets will aid in not only bringing attention to Dorothy’s missing person status, but perhaps bring answers as well. It’s no secret that unless stories such as this receive press they are not nearly as likely to reach the right people. As with an Amber Alert, Winda is hoping that the combined efforts of the common civilian will bring her friend and colleague back safely.


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