Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mission Impossible: Accomplished

It’s been nearly ten years since the destruction that was 9/11. Many people will never forget where they were when they heard the news, and worse yet, many people suffered a tragic loss of a loved one due to the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers. For ten years this nation has been squabbling over whether it was a hoax, whether Bush was making the right decisions in the aftermath. This weekend, however, we found ourselves united.
In a move so swift that the nation finds itself blind-sighted by the news, Osama bin Laden was killed during the weekend after intelligence was received that gave the location of the leader of Al Qeada. President Obama delivered the news to the nation himself - after a weekend of celebrity stocked dinners and superfluous background checks, the President reached out to the entire nation and held firm on his decision, and hushed even the harshest of critics.
It’s no surprise to many that the past few months have been inundated with gossip and rumors that President Obama is not a US citizen, mostly driven by the propaganda and antics of the king of excess and ruler of incredibly pointless television, Donald Trump. Time and again Donald has been shining a spotlight on the President, convincing the nation that what we should be focusing on is Obama’s birth certificate and the authenticity of the records presented. For the first time in weeks, however, the nation finally has it’s eye set on a worthwhile subject, and the bonds we developed with the world ten years ago are whispering remembrances that urge for a cessation of nonsense.
It’s been mixed reviews among the public - many people cry out in joy that the leader of the terrorist group Al Qeada is gone, anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account can pay testimony to that. Osama was once quoted as saying that the difference between the US and Al Qeada is that the United States loves life, and that Al Qeada loves death. While his words seem cryptic with the current turn of events, they remind us that our nation is built upon a kind of hope and loving bond that no other has, and that many criticize.

Source: http://perezhilton.com/2011-05-02-donald-trump-praises-obama-for-bin-laden-death

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