Wednesday, May 25, 2011 Helps Job Seekers Ensure Their Future Employment Is Bona Fide warns of false employment scams that take advantage of the unemployed

With the job market is on the rise again, warns people to be aware of scammers taking advantage of the individuals who are still looking for work. Unsolicited emails or newspaper ads appeal to the unemployed by offering employment shopping at expensive stores and eating at nice restaurants. According to the Federal Trade Commission there are many scammers who offer jobs as mystery shoppers that may hurt those who believe they have found a great opportunity.

Some companies hire marketing research companies to evaluate the services of their retail stores or restaurant. This entails hiring a person who poses to be a customer, but this person is actually evaluating their services. Usually the shopper is reimbursed for the cost of the service or product. These people who are hired typically work part time. The marketing research companies post these opportunities online.

Fraudulent mystery shopping promotions are using emails and newspaper ads to direct future victims to a website. This website asks the interested parties to "register" to become a mystery shopper - after paying a fee for information about the program. The fee sometimes claims to go to a certification, or to enter the victim into a directory of mystery shoppers. The registration often times also asks for personal information such as address, birth date, and credit card numbers.

The truth is that it is never necessary to pay in order to become a mystery shopper. These certifications do not exist, and the information obtained through the registration can be used to steal the victim's identification. When the target realizes they have been scammed and attempts to get a refund they find themselves out of luck. The business will not return phone calls, and when they do they make another attempt to scam more money. reminds consumers to be skeptical of employment opportunities that come unsolicited via email or newspaper and suggests the unemployed to educate themselves before applying for a job that sounds too good to be true.. Do not pay a fee for a job, and be wary of those that ask for a certification to be hired. Use to search public records and information from the "company" to verify their legitimacy. Simply enter the information about the company applied for, the contact at the company, and any other relevant facts. When encountering a mystery shopping scam, be sure to file a complaint with your local consumer protection agency.

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