Thursday, April 28, 2011


It’s no secret these days that Charlie Sheen has been all over the map touring the country and spewing his torpedoes of truth to the masses despite rumors running rampant that he’s in constant violation of the legal system and quite possibly destroying that little is left of his lifelong career. He’s done everything to market himself in the light of his recent indiscretions, and now creating a Charlie Sheen app for iPhone users can be added to his list of conquests.
The aptly named ‘The MaSheen’ iPhone app is available for download in the app store, and boasts that it brings the mind of Charlie to your finger tips whenever you should please. Whether or not a person would want to be so frequently exposed is left to be said, but at a whopping $2.99 the app is boasting quite a few features.
The MaSheen iPhone app has five categories including Mind Torpedoes, Fastballs of Truth, Warlock Gear, Friendly Fire, and lastly Magik Tiger. Each one reveals a deeper level of delusion as you quickly find that the app basically just spits back Charlie Sheen sayings at the user, and directs them to links where they can buy merchandise and continue to fund Charlie’s never ending glorified gong show.
Despite Charlie’s continued downward spiral and run-ins with the law, it would seem that he has yet again found a way to make a quick and easy earned buck simply by putting his neuroses on display. How about an app that predicts Charlie’s next move? Maybe even escape routes for when his tour comes to a town near you for the safety and protection of the general public. With every one up in arms about the iPhone tracking their every move, perhaps letting Big Brother keep an eye on Charlie isn’t the worst idea after all.


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