Thursday, April 7, 2011

To catch a thief...

When considering all the modern technology at the fingertips of the general public these days, it is hard to believe that one could get away with any crime. Traffic tickets arrive in the mail thanks to street video cameras and speed traps, as well as surveillance footage in nearly every shopping mall, gas station, and nowadays even private property. That said, criminals have become more and more savvy to the traps that await them and have since learned to cover their footsteps more carefully. 

One recent victim of theft was lucky enough to find himself in the midst of an amateur. He tracked down and discovered the identity of the person who robbed him of his MacBook Air earlier in the school year. Mark Bao, an 18yr old college student, was relieved of his rather expensive property, but was undeterred in his mission to find the bandit who burgled him. Mark was able to use BlackBlaze, an automated backup syncing device, to gain access to the hard drive of his stolen lap top and locate recent web pages browsed as well as pictures and videos created after its theft.

Much to Mark’s surprise the thief hadn’t done what most do these days, which is wipe the hard drive and cover his tracks. Instead, this culprit recorded himself dancing to music videos and visited his own Facebook page, which is what ultimately lead Mark to the name and picture evidence of who had stolen property. Sadly, Mark also discovered that the boy who stole his computer shared nine mutual friends and was actually in close proximity to him. Undeterred by the sad news, Mark made it known to his friends on both Facebook and Twitter that the identity of the thief was known, and within a matter of days had his laptop returned to him.

Using resources such as BlackBlaze and people-finder web sites such as, one can learn nearly anything about the location, name, and even favorite food of the person you are inquiring about. Luckily for Mark, these useful tools were able to lead him back to his stolen property, and bring the culprit to justice.

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