Monday, April 11, 2011

Perception vs Reality

One doesn’t usually have much control over their online persona. With sites that readily provide people with the ability to search for one another, and find out background information about each other, being able to guide the gaze of someone who is searching for you is an incessantly difficult task to perform. While most people rely on editing their Facebook pages and Twitter rants, one new tool has emerged to make the job easier, and to help people craft a more acceptable public persona.
Reppler, a reputation tracking site, has emerged with the ability to track and notify users of its services when information that is posted on their online sites becomes questionable content and alerts them to these changes. While some people may argue that ‘what you see is what you get’ and that they prefer to not be edited, the power that a person’s Facebook has to alter their ability to get a job or keep friends has become increasingly potent; thus creating a need for a more critical eye when displaying personal information.
Reppler is a free app that not only alerts you when a picture or posting is questionable, but even breaks down the information for users - explaining what others may take from that information and how it can be negatively used. Whether it is a comment, a check-in, or a tagging of a photo, all of this public information can hold water when it comes to losing a job or friends. The increasing number of job losses due to Facebook and Twitter posts has sky-rocketed and Reppler is here to help see that its users don’t fall victim to the same fate.
Want to know what public information is out there about you? Check out sites such as to see what your public persona may be.


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