Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Celebrates Reconnection for All Ages highlights a heartwarming story of Lost & Found in South Jersey

According to a recent report from, a group of 50-somethings originally from South Jersey credit the internet and modern technology on people search for their upcoming reunion and philanthropic outreach to benefit their old high school. applauds these good Samaritans for reaching out and connecting for a good cause.

After searching online, former classmates from Holy Cross High School were finally reconnected after more than 35 years.  What’s more they wanted to give back to the school they so dearly loved as teenagers. The group has since formed the Lancer Promise Comedy Night Committee to raise money to help current and perspective students afford tuition costs, as well as scholarships based on merit and need.

Later this month the Lancer Promise Comedy Night Committee will host its first fundraising event, a comedy show at Holy Cross High School.  The event will feature dinner, refreshments, DJ and comedians Spinz Nightly and Norm Klar. 

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