Monday, April 18, 2011

Finders Keepers

More and more people are making headlines these days than ever, not for being the victims of a crime, but for being their own hero and tracking down the thieves who burgled them. First it was a student who had his MacBook Air stolen, and now a sophomore from George Washington University has used another method for tracking down his stolen iPad.
It’s no secret these days that anyone can use a smartphone or iPad to see where their friends are and what they’ve been doing, but what if your iPad is what needs to be tracked down? Apple has provided the perfect solution to these victim’s woes, with the technology provided by MobileMe. The software can be downloaded by anyone who uses an iPhone or iPad, and what it can do is truly amazing.
Once downloaded through the use of a user’s iTunes account, any device with the software can be GPS located, down to the cross street. More than that, once it has be located, MobileMe can also allow a user to send messages to the device, and set off an alarm as well. Hugo Scheckter, the student from George Washington University who had his property stolen, was able to retrieve his stolen iPad in only two days after using the software to aid police in its retrieval.
Although this technology has been around for a little while, it hasn’t been much of a deterrent to thieves thus far. With people taking matters into their own hands more and more these days, the app has begun to show its quality and make itself quite useful in the retrieval of such expensive toys.


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