Thursday, April 28, 2011


In a story that has swept the nation with it’s incredible nature and warm fuzzy feelings a disfigured Army Private received a full facial transplant after saving a woman’s life. Mitch Hunter received his scars after pulling a woman to safety after a horrific car accident, and now after ten years Mitch is finally going to regain some semblance of a normal life.
His face was sacrificed during the heroic event, and in a karma-fueled twist of fate an anonymous family chose to donate their deceased son’s organs to the Army Private in an attempt to help give Mitch his face back. The procedure took a whopping 14 hours to complete with more than 30 physicians participating in the reconstruction. After the grueling ordeal was over, the surgery was voted to be a success and Mitch is in full recovery.
Mitch’s lead surgeon, Dr. Bohdan Pomahac stated:

I am very grateful to the entire transplant team for working so well together, ensuring that Mitch’s procedure went smoothly and putting him on course for a successful recovery and new life.

Although Mitch may never look exactly like he used to, this advancement in medicine and technology has given him a chance at a normal life and a feeling of himself again that would previously never been possible.
While many people wish to remain anonymous, Mitch simply wanted to be himself again. Find out what people can see about you and find people near you with sites like


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