Thursday, April 21, 2011

Elementary, my dear Facebook!

When people think of resources to find other people or lost items, initially contacting the police or using sites like come to mind. Rarely, however, have people’s first instincts been to turn to Facebook as a means of investigating, until recently. Its been all over the news lately, stories of people finding lost property, and even long lost family members through the site, and now the return of a beloved pet can be credited to Facebook.
After wandering out of their home and getting himself lost, the owners of Steve the potbellied pig, Brian Maguire and Bernadette Broadhurst (no not bratwurst), were horrified at the thought of what may have happened to their family pet. After contacting the Delaware County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Brian and Bernadette discovered that their pig had been found, but had subsequently been given away to a local farm.
The local police had picked up the pig, and also determined that it was not a legal household pet, hence their decision to send the pig to the farm. Much to the dismay of Brian and Bernadette, no matter how hard they plead with the police department they could not convince them that since they purchased the pig at a pet store, it was a legal pet to own. After days of desperation, they decided to begin a campaign through Facebook, urging friends and followers to join their cause and cry out for the pig’s return.
With diligence and time, the Broadhursts were able to finally locate the exact farm that Steve had been taken to, and reclaimed their pet. Although it may not be a permanent solution as the matter of the pig’s legality is still in the air, it would seem that for the time being Facebook has reunited the happy family.


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