Thursday, April 21, 2011

Don’t worry boss! I posted all our secrets on the Inter Web!

In all the world and of all the possible bonehead moves to be made, posting nuclear sub secrets on the internet seems like a nearly impossibly dumb move to make. Such an oblivious oversight that it is hardly conceivable that it could ever ACTUALLY happen. If that were the case, however, this commentary wouldn’t exist!
Most people are used to seeing in movies a technique performed by government agencies and military personnel in which important and confidential information is concealed on a document by blacking out such lines of text. This can be done both with a big black sharpie, and by a computer technique referred to as redaction. While it may be a simple and concise method for keeping secrets, it would seem that if executed improperly, redaction can lead to a major leak of national secrets.
The British Ministry of Defense has found themselves up this creek as of late after posting a confidential document containing nuclear sub secrets online after it had undergone redaction. After failing to erase the original document’s data, the PDF was easily editable and the secrets leaked out. When news of this catastrophe spread, it was only a matter of time before it was revealed that numerous documents of this nature had been posted online by the British Ministry of Defense, with secrets strewn all over the internet.
Although the problem as since been solved, it begs the question: who’s in charge of that show anyway? Nuclear technology and yet no computer savvy has left the British Ministry of Defense smacking their palms to their foreheads and groaning in embarrassment. Find out what sort of online ‘leaks’ have been made on your behalf, at


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