Friday, April 8, 2011

Connecting with the people around you

Although some people shudder at the thought of a stranger roaming their Facebook page and commenting on all of their pictures and notes, it would seem that an increasingly greater amount of people rather enjoy the idea of connecting with others according to proximity - rather than mutual friends or networks. 

A new app downloadable through Android phones called “Color” allows users to take images and video and share it with any other person within 150ft of their location, be they friend or not. In fact, the app doesn’t allow for the adding of a ‘friends list’ despite the ability to comment on content that you view. Part of an ever expanding method of networking, the elastic networks of Color let you know when you’ve been out of contact with a former proximity friend for a while, and it lets you see whose content you tend to view the most.

While the idea of browsing through a stranger’s personal media may seem a bit voyeuristic, it would appear as though many people are not only okay with the idea, but are eager to explore it. Part of the new wave of technology-based features that allows people to connect without having to meet face-to-face, Color boasts that it will transform the way people communicate with each other.

If you find yourself desiring to know more about the people whose pictures and video you watch, one resource for learning more about your new friends are sites like that allow users to search for information about their new friends, leading them to Facebook pages, images, and many more informative facts.

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