Saturday, April 9, 2011

Building your family tree

When it comes to researching one’s history, the family tree that most children are forced to make in elementary school is about as far as most have gone. With that said, it is becoming increasingly easy to locate information on one’s past, using internet sites that comb the internet for any and all information related to a family name. 

Simply ‘Google-ing’ ones self tends to produce fairly interesting/comical results, but using more precise sites such as Instant People Finder or tend to reveal family information and histories that have long since been forgotten. With technology always moving forward, resources like these are becoming more and more accessible, and one such move has made mobile. 

The new iPad app, Ancestry for iPad now allows users to make use of the genealogy site with a user friendly interface that allows people to view and edit family trees and have access to this information anywhere that you can have access to an internet connection. The app itself is free of charge, while the Ancestry membership starts at 13$ a month. 


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